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Duties And Distrust Page 13 by Mydlasfanart
Duties And Distrust Page 13
:I well... what is this?

I can't help it, I am a liar... >x< it's funny, I think some peoples will have an heart attack maybe XD

Next: :P

first: mydlasphotographie.deviantart.…
prologues: mydlasphotographie.deviantart.…

Okay so I've been ask for the caracters in this page.


Kutu, Joto, Ugaidi, Hekima :3
Hey, look! I unstored everything :D Now we can be lost again, but wait just a second for more "lost"
Forsaken king by Mydlasfanart
Forsaken king
There's a limit for every being.

Being pushed aside all the time and constantly facing lions that would see in him nothing more than a damned breed by the devil itself, it was no doubt the lion felt far away from home. The silver lions were no more since a long time ago and there he stood, like as a remnant of what happen when a wealthy family takes the wrong turn.
Fujo was terribly adapted for a land where lush and green would flourish, the smaller male loved the desert and other places he wouldn’t feel like standing out of the scenery. Even in the gorges, red and grey against his light coat he felt terrible; like a decoy
whose sole purpose is to protect ones that gave little care about his life and would be very little thankful of his sacrifice in return.    


There was only little light in the prides: His mate he learned to love with time, Mohatu, the one king who allowed him to heal in his lands and Malaika, the Queen. Ever since the first time Mohatu’s guards found her by the borders he’d been struck by a strong inspiration to follow her lead and go back to border guarding. The Angel’s courage was for him something to behold and love. It gave him way for modest resilience. Little did he desire for revenge when he was young, way excessively traumatized to have the nerve to face the Red Demon once again. Now, as time passed by, that his violence had made him cross the line, that it had to humiliate him in front of the Queen, Fujo kept wondering what truly was holding him in the Pridelands. Such passion in his work that his yellow sclera turned red from out of tire, that his body threatened to catch a deadly sickness.

Was it death wishes or something else?

I always found Fujo to be a regal to draw: his design is both unique and so simple, yet kind of round and chubby but still making him very stern and cruel looking when he's freaking out.
I :love: Fujo and I totally have to draw him more.

"Fujo guarding on the Pridelands, watching from his outpost in the gorges the morning after the latest page of "Duties and distrust.""

Edit to his design: I added a bit more saturation to his greyish dull colors and I retired the white on his nose because I prefer how it look: I also refered to the base color to update the belly white and so now there is way lesser weird red-grey in his design.
Lil butterfly kitty by Mydlasfanart
Lil butterfly kitty
hey there, :iconfableworldna: this is my part of our trade and I hope it's not been too long. Love ya and hope you enjoy that lil girl or guy :3
The dark emissaries by Mydlasfanart
The dark emissaries

It was pathetic, no wonders it was a kid who tried to make a fool out of him and if the lionesses had accompanied him, they would have been able to tell he was far from dead. Now, now Scar knew and had the upped hand and power to kill one by one those treacherous souls back to Priderock. However, the dark lion would prefer a swift but slower revenge, one that could slowly make the lionesses loses their sanity and come to plead their executioners to kill them instead. Only then would he allow them to die... of course, if he would judge it just.


The group that found him was far from the blue-blooded lions’ look. They were rogues as described in stories to scare the cubs at night. Many were unable to stay in one pride because of their aggressive behaviors who would reflect in their many scars and battered bodies. Each one of them looked like crazed or starving souls ready to do anything for a piece of meat.


To his left was this cub he once knew, Zira. The lad was clearly certain she owed him her life. The way she spoke, he could entrust her to be ready to give him an helping hand.
The king didn’t remember doing much about her, nor to remember the lionesses at all but he would still ponder, as both lions would keep on their never-ending jabbering he would barely listen to.


To his right would trot nothing more than a bulky and very annoying lion who would trot before him, turn tail then come back and forces the King to constantly change his course to avoid him. This brought anger towards the grey lion and Scar wouldn’t hesitate to give him a lesson about personal space, but the way they both spoke or the way battered lionesses from the small group looked at him, Scar didn’t doubted he could be a very dangerous one. Not in another lion’s eyes did he ever saw such emptiness and craze but the submissive male was obedient and eager to please his most loyal ally making him an useful tool for his schemes and as they all walked up the dried land they were in and Priderock would become something visible in the distance Scar already knew what he would ask this group of rogues.    


They already knew about the treachery and would jabber about avenging him; already Wasimu was speaking of hitting the cubs. No wonder that hitting the lionesses’ heart was something to do, but the lion was reluctant about destroying his previous work. No, the lionesses were the ones that had to pay for it. Coming back the same day after dark and giving a swift humiliation, using the hyenas to enforce his authority and now those rogues to make this foolish dark manned cub history was his first thoughts.



If some remember my old concept for Wasimu, here he finally is all new and cool! I never actually drew Zira before not even as a cub, I think so I hope she is ok and I’ll work more on the picture as the story develop further in. BTW sorry for the randomness, once I finish brain chores I’ll upload this in order... mweh! If it can be a bit of a
consolation I am drawing the next pict following dark lions and the previous picture before that one which should be not so bad. ;P 

Again, I must apology if the english isn't good in here, I must admit this is a small chapter I wrote fast at night, I hope I corrected it ok today.

Lol, I should be ashamed, I didn't used the cell-shading that is the one of tlk here :/, didn't wanted to since there isn't much light in the composition and I know tlk would flatten it... I didn't feel like it xD



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